SLF & Co.

Simon Fairchild started playing on the Essex punk scene in the mid 1990’s, firstly on guitar before eventually moving on to electric bass. His musical education began at Access to Music (Norwich), other higher education courses followed and subsequently a degree at ARU (Cambridge). His first major underground success was through the band Moonjuice (a fusion of funk, rap and metal) with an EP release, distribution and publishing deal.

He then went on to play with Norwich favorites Logicbrake who made recordings in the rolling groove core style, and is currently playing in the highly fusion, Cambridge/London 3-piece, Thirteen. Previous projects include: Pocket Lips – Simon joined in late ‘08 but in ‘09 was absent… Tea and biscuits took over. Pocket Lips continues… Simon was involved in the following with Pocket Lips: check-out the Muzu video produced by Andy Chatterley ( and remixes of ‘Keep it Low’ by GoldieRocks and the Beat Crusaders available somewhere on the web (give it a google). Simon has also been involved with the following: Back Down or Die, Clara Kousah, Trailing Cable, Puma, Burning Haus and currently Rough Fields.

Simon, a prolific performer, has played gigs across England and recently in Europe. Now currently producing his own material for the SLF&Co project. More details on this project as and when but please feel free to download the first track that will be released (properly) ‘Looking for a Map’ Feat. Mellen and Rob G. See the MUSIC TAB. The album is a collaboration of vocalists from lovely folk around the town!!

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