Thirteen defy categorization! One person said they smelt funny and I for one tend to agree. More specifically this band is a pioneer of a new music genre known as “Meat Rock” or “Burger Music”. If you thought really hard you might imagine a seething meld of progressive jazz inflected groove metal and poly rhythmic funk but these comments may bear no relation to actual events. Due to it’s high meat content this music, often simply called “Paté”, can expire prematurely if not stored correctly.


Since meeting at a local institution for the infirm the band enjoy writing ditties to satisfy their own strange desire for disturbing noises and to fizz the buds of the unsuspecting passer-by. Thirteen’s influences shall remain confidential but can be obtained via postal order if required. Often they conjure foolish nursery rhymes from the twisted melodies that appear through a smokey haze of dark and brooding invention. These freaks have been known to play gigs sometimes and once came runner-up in a beauty contest.

Thirteen are: Chemise – Guitar, Simon – Bass, Rainbow Joe – Drums and Oli – Vox

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