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Sol Ruiz makes a pledge for second album

What do you get when you make a donation to Sol Ruiz’s second album?

A chance to contribute to some of the most beautiful and innovative music out there, that’s what.

To help with her follow-up to debut, Outlander, Sol Ruiz is reaching out to her fans for help towards costs. She released the following statement:

“With your pledge I will be able to complete my second studio album. I know that it seems like a lot of money, but consider that nowadays we don’t have that big label to do everything for us, we gotta do everything on our own, paying the studio, musicians, mixing the tracks on the CD, and mastering, CD Art and the list goes on.

“This is just the basic amount to get the CD into motion and into YOUR hands. Here’s a way that you can be a big help to the creative process and give something back to the music you believe in. I am asking you to donate, with whatever means possible, so we can get this record into motion and out into the wide world!”

To dispense some of your much-valued pennies, head to Sol Ruiz’s pledge page.

Head over to the Milky Bomb Records main site to purchase her debut album, Outlander. Sol Ruiz’s pledge ends this Thursday so please help!

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