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Pre-order Sol Ruiz’s debut

Photo credit: Carolina Merlano

Have we all listened to Sol Ruiz‘s beautiful track, Soledad, which is available as a free download until Monday? If not, check it out:

Then get yourself over to ITunes to pre-order the re-release of her debut album, Outlander, which is due out on October 31st via Milky Bomb Records!

Quoted as the flower child of psychedelic, Cuban blues,  Sol has toured throughout Europe following the making of the CD. Outlander, was first released in the US, and has had critical acclaim being called “The Best Local Albums of 2009″, By Miami New Times. Produced in Miami’s Studio 71, by Bobby MacIntyre of The Twilight Singers, and many other special guest on the album including Grammy Nominated Cuban pianist, Michelle Fragoso, and Scott Bennett from Brian Wilson’s Band.

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