Thirteen’s CD giveaway

Those lads in Thirteen may dress funny but boy are they generous. Get along to their next gig at The Stanley pub, Norwich and for the first 25 people to buy a drink (alcoholic or not), will get themselves a free Thirteen CD (limited to one per customer).

In addition, there will be promo packs for just a mere £1 and you can get a sparkly sticker too – everyone likes stickers!

So the date should be in your diary by now, November 12th at The Stanley, Norwich, right? Good.

Finally, click this link here to listen to Stephen Bumfrey’s show on BBC Radio Norfolk which features a delightful interview and live session with Kolin Durier, who will be performing with Thirteen on the November date!

Thirteen’s single, Jabba Slob is out now and can be downloaded here.

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