Thirteen finish final mix for D.H.B.C.S.I.A.W.D

Last weekend saw the Thirteen lads head into the studio for the final mix of D.H.B.C.S.I.A.W.D. Accompanying music video for the track is being synced in the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to pre-order the new single, Jabba Slob, if you haven’t already. This week is the final  chance to get the special bundle pack at a cheaper price so no excuses!

Out on August 15, the pre-release single contains the main track, Jabba Slob, and a bonus b-side, which you won’t get with the main release come Monday. Exciting or what?

So how do you order this fantastic deal? Well click here to go to Itunes and then move that little mouse over to “buy”, it’s that simple, promise. Unless of course you would rather order it at 7 Digital, which in that case, click here.

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